Hello there. My name is Erin Moore. Really Irish. 26 years young. Permanent smiler. I am a proud cat & dog mom. A daughter to my awesome parents. A little sister to my two siblings. A wife to my favorite person in the world. And proudest mom to Miss Elouise Jane.

Nothing makes me happier than being in a tent out in the woods somewhere with my family. Exploring makes my heart happy. Hiking takes all my stress away. I honestly believe I couldn’t live without candy.  Second-hand things are way better than first-hand. Love old school rock-n-roll. Literally can’t wait when I have something to look forward to.  I think MI is the best place in the world. Love meeting new people and having my clients become friends.  I will never believe that I am actually living my life-long dream of being a photographer.  Oh, and I love it.

ErinTaylorSneak11Photo credit: MorningWild Photography