What kind of gear do you use?  Canon 5D Mark iii, Lightroom for editing 

What is your favorite thing to photograph?  Anything outside.

​What kind of clients are best suited for you?  I would say I’m pretty laid-back, so anyone that is willing to go with the flow, try crazy things that pop in my head, and ready to laugh and have fun is perfect in my book.

Where are you from?  Muskegon, MI 

Where do you go for photo shoots?  Anywhere you love! Keep in mind if you are choosing your locations..shade is good..direct sun is bad.

How far in advance should I book a session or wedding?  Weddings, as soon as possible! Sessions, about 2 months before the the date you had in mind.. Sessions are on Tuesdays, Thursdays & sometimes Saturdays depending what month your session is in- I save Saturdays for weddings 🙂

​How long have you been a photographer?   4 years (professionally) 

How long after the shoot do I get the CD?  About 2 weeks for normal sessions

Do you print the photos?  No, but I give you the copyright free CD with all the edited photos so you are able to print on you own (I give you a list of printing preferences).